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What Is Start Up By Sophia?

Start Up By Sophia is an Edmonton-based organization creating innovative start up products in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). For the past two years, Start Up By Sophia’s 8-year-old founder, Sophia Fairweather, has been creating chemistry, physics and biology-based products to help educate, inspire and provide leadership to other children in STEM.

The organization creates promotional products, such as its FunCro, and will continue to bring innovative STEM-led products to the B2B marketplace. 


The Creativity of A Child at Your Service

Sophia has a brilliant mind, the mind of a child whose creativity is being focused on creating products to serve you better. Sometimes the best answers are the ones only a child could think of.


Decals and Stickers to Brand Your Company

Need a way for your company to stand out? Our phone saving decals are just the thing. We can do all sorts of designs in a variety of colors, from your logos to images for special occasions. Just fire us an email with the image you had in mind and we’ll let you know what we can do.


And Save Your Phones

The time when you could provide employees with a cheap $100.00 phone are coming to an end. The 21st century demands that your top agents use a smartphone to stay in touch with the world around them. With smart phones starting at $500.00+, you want to make sure that phone lasts and your budget isn’t eaten up by screen repairs. Even with a warranty, can you afford the cost of your top employees being disconnected because it will take a week to replace that phone?

With our decals, you should see a significant drop in the damage caused to the company phone.